i-Danha Food Lab encourages discussion on issues of global interest and concern


The i-Danha Food Lab brought together the boldest investors, entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises and startups from various parts of the world in the areas of food, sustainability and green economy to discuss issues of interest and global concern. It is promoted by the Idanha-a-Nova Municipal Council in partnership with the technology-based accelerator Building Global Innovators (BGI) and with the support of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.

Thanks to this kind of events, every year many partnerships and businesses are closed in order to respond to current challenges. For example, from i-Danha Food Lab was born the newly created Food4Sustainability CoLAB.

Armando Jacinto, mayor of Idanha-a-nova, believes that when we talk about healthy food allied to sustainable agriculture, green economy and technology, "we are talking about the future". One of the priorities of i-Danha is therefore to strengthen the alliance between agriculture and technology and to ensure a more sustainable management of available resources, as well as a better response to the needs of consumers in search of healthier food. "Technology can make a difference in the projection of organic farming, traditional agriculture and in the affirmation of small farming, being crucial to promote connectivity in areas of low population and relational density and creating conditions for social inclusion. Precision farming, or intelligent agriculture, is one of the faces of this alliance between agriculture and technology and is already practiced on national soil, bringing gains of environmental, economic and social nature," says Nuno Russo, Secretary of State for Agriculture and Rural Development.

In the last three years, Idanha-a-Nova secured a direct and indirect investment of 60 million euros for the development of rural-based projects in the municipality. A bet that aims to attract the youngest and most entrepreneurial, as well as respond to demographic challenges and population inequalities. In the presentation of the results, BGI's CEO, Gonçalo Amorim, took stock of the investment already raised and recalled "the impact on the creation of hundreds of jobs, on the taxes collected through transactions and the entire economy that is generated around these projects, as well as the use of thousands of hectares that were underused or unused", enhancing the circular bio-economy, reducing the waste of agricultural production and agro-industries, creating new business opportunities, reducing the accumulation of waste and responding to the challenge imposed by climate change.

This event took place in Monsanto, Idanha-a-Nova, the most Portuguese village in Portugal! This is a rural municipality that attracts young people, investment and innovation capacity. The i-Danha Food Lab is an initiative carried out by the people who live in these territories and with great success, because these are the same people who know the realities and the most opportune themes.

This event is part of the "Village Stories, Between Night and Dawn", which is part of the cycle "12 in Network - Villages in Party" and is promoted by the Network of Historical Villages of Portugal.